What follows are the instructions for running Big Ring on Windows (Vista/7/8/10).


Big Ring does not have to be installed. Simply extract the files from the zip-file you downloaded. Right-click on the zip-file and choose “Extract files”. The resulting folder will contain all files needed for running Big Ring.

ANT+ USB Stick on Windows

To use Big Ring with ANT+ sensors, you will need to use an ANT+ USB stick (e.g. this one.). If you do not have an ANT+ stick, you can still run the program, but will be limited to using it with a fixed power input. This can still be more entertaining than staring at a blind wall during your indoor trainer ride.

If you have already used this ANT+ stick with other programs, like Zwift or Trainerroad you already have the right driver installed for this USB ANT+ stick.

To install the driver, simplly insert the stick into a USB port on your computer. After a few seconds, Windows will start to download and install the driver for your device. Wait for this to complete before continuing.

When opening Control Panel -> Device Manager you will see the device listed.

Device manager

Installing Real Life Videos

Big Ring supports the following kinds of Real Life Videos.

Tacx Fortius (.rlv and .pgmf files).
Cycleops Virtual Training (.xml files).
GPS Track files (.gpx).

Unfortunately, the newer Tacx videos, with the extension .tts are not supported (yet). Only the older ones, with the .rlv can be used with Big Ring for the moment. This is due to the fact that the newer Tacx Trainer Software software uses encrypted files.